Common Signs of a Faulty Muffler

There's a good chance that you've heard a vehicle with a broken muffler (or one without one at all) before. While the muffler is known for its pops and roars, it plays a significant role in your exhaust system. It is responsible for moving the excess sounds from the engine and silencing them, so they aren't disruptive to those around you. As a result, it grants you a nice and quiet car ride. Furthermore, the muffler also plays a role in filtering out toxic fumes from the combustion cycle. The muffler directs safer vapors out the tailpipe. 


When Should You Replace Your Vehicle's Muffler?

Just like any other car part, the muffler can wear down over time. It will happen to every driver eventually, and they will have to replace the muffler at some point. The muffler may also need to be replaced due to damage. Any cracks or punctures in the muffler will be very disruptive. The leading cause of these holes is rust. Since the muffler is very exposed to condensation, humidity, and external elements (ex. salts, dirt, etc.), it is prone to rust formation.


You can't miss the symptoms of a damaged or worn muffler. Below are some of the telltale signs that it's time for a muffler replacement:

  • Loud muffler 
  • Slow or sluggish acceleration
  • Physical evidence of rust surrounding the muffler
  • Exhaust vibrations
  •  Lower gas mileage

If you suspect you need muffler repair in Yakima, WA, please bring your vehicle to the exhaust specialist at Westside Car Care soon!