Fall Care Care Month Isn't Over Yet!

The month of October may mark the start of fall and the spooky season, but to mechanics, October means Fall Car Care Month. The weather will begin to change quickly in Yakima, WA, and it will bring along new driving obstacles to your everyday commute. Now is the ideal opportunity to get everything you need to take care of your car! Here are the maintenance items you should check off your list for Fall:

  • Brakes - The fall will bring unexpected weather (rain, fog, and snow). Braking in these hazardous conditions can be complicated, and bad brakes can lead to a terrible accident. Please have your rotors, fluid, pads, and lines inspected to ensure they work properly.
  • Battery - A drained car battery isn't strange in the colder months, so it would be wise to test your battery at Westside Car Care. Our expert team can replace your battery if needed.
  • Fluids - As you may know, your vehicle runs on multiple fluids. Please make sure your engine oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, windshield wiper solvent, and coolant/antifreeze are topped off and free of contaminants. 
  • Engine - The engine should be tested to ensure there is a healthy balance of fuel efficiency and performance.
  • Exhaust - Your exhaust system needs to turn harmful gases into safe, breathable ones effectively.
  • Steering & Suspension - Both your steering and suspension systems work collaboratively to allow you to maintain control of your vehicle. Our techs can inspect your shocks and struts, chassis, tie rods, and other vital components, so you don't lose handling of your car.
  • HVAC - Colder weather means you're going to have to switch the A/C to heating. Your heater should work to keep you comfortable in your cabin. Furthermore, you'll need the defrosters to clear your windshields too.
  • Tires - Please check your tires for proper tread and pressure.
  • Wipers & Headlights - Both of these parts are often overlooked, but they play an essential role in your ability to see the road. Please ensure that your wipers are effective at clearing off your windscreen. And your headlights are bright enough to light up the road at night.

It's not too late to celebrate Fall Car Care Month with us at Westside Car Care. We invite you to our shop in Yakima, WA, today!