What is a Car Radiator?

No matter the weather outside, your engine is running in extremely hot conditions. It might be challenging to keep your engine hot enough to turn heat into energy while keeping it cold enough to work properly. The radiator enters the picture at this point, pumping coolant through the engine and back.

The radiator is a crucial part of the cooling system for the engine. This system is intended to maintain the engine temperature at the ideal range that the car's manufacturer has established.

How a Radiator Works

Through the combustion of fuel and the production of energy from its numerous moving parts, an automobile's engine provides the necessary power. The engine can become quite hot as a result of its power and movement. In order to prevent overheating, which can cause serious damage, the engine must be vented of this heat while it is running.

A radiator aids in the engine's overheating removal. It is a component of the cooling system for the engine, which also consists of a liquid coolant, hoses for circulating the coolant, a fan, and a thermostat to track coolant temperature. Through the hoses, the coolant moves from the radiator through the engine to dissipate extra engine heat before returning to the radiator.

When the coolant returns to the radiator, thin metal fins let the hot liquid to pass through while releasing heat to the outside air. This process is aided by cool air flowing into the radiator through the car's grille, and when the car isn't in motion, like when you're caught in traffic, the system's fan will blow air to assist lower the temperature of the heated coolant and blow the warm air out of the vehicle.

The coolant circulates back through the engine after going through the radiator. To keep the engine running at its ideal temperature and avoid overheating, this heat exchange cycle is continual.

A radiator is an essential part of your car and if it malfunctions you will not be able to locomote therefore If you need radiator repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Westside Car Care today!