Why You Still Need An Oil Change After The Recommended Time Frame, Even If You Haven't Yet Reached The Mileage Interval


Perhaps you're the car owner who doesn't drive frequently; maybe you've been working from home, and that has reduced your daily commuting to work. That means that you'll not go enough mileage to warrant an oil change, but the duration you need to change the oil is due. Such a shift in driving schedule can compel you to ask yourself, "should I change my oil, even though I haven't reached the mileage limit?"


How Often Should You Change Engine Oil?


Vehicle manufacturers usually indicate the recommended maintenance schedule for various parts of the car. The interval is generally indicated in mileage (for example, every 6,000 miles) and time (every six months). Whichever threshold you attain first, it's recommended that you take the car for an oil change. Usually, people reach the mileage interval first.


Nonetheless, engine oil decomposes with time. That's why it's critical that you also focus on the time-based interval when it comes to an oil change. Typically, you need to change the engine oil every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, depending on the car model, driving conditions, and driving behavior.


The Dangers of Ignoring an Oil Change


As mentioned earlier, the engine oil degrades as time goes by. It is the engine oil that lubricates the engine's internal parts, which indicates that it's in constant contact with the parts. If you ignore oil changes, you risk damaging the critical motor components.


Engine oil contains ingredients that prevent the build-up of debris, contaminants, engine moisture, and dirt, preventing corrosion and wear. As days go by, the elements decompose and degrade, and they lose their anti-corrosion power. Meanwhile, contaminants continue to build up. Eventually, the engine wears premature, and you end up spending money on a repair that would have otherwise been avoided.


A rarely used car is usually susceptible to engine moisture because the motor doesn't generate the required heat to evaporate the moisture. That's why we recommend that you drive your car for at least 30 minutes every week.


If your oil change schedule is overdue, bring your car to our automotive repair shop, and we'll provide quality and affordable services.